Hi everyone! My name is Mihaela, I am 23 years old and I’m currently studying at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and I work at Accenture in an Insurance Project. I am glad to take this opportunity and tell you about my experience as a working student as well as sharing with you some tips & tricks about how you can balance your studies and work life.

I met Accenture in my first year of university, when they came to my seminar to discuss about the working environment. Throughout my studies I had more contact with them, as they were partnered with the student organization that I was a part of, partnership that brought many beautiful projects for the students of the Foreign Languages Faculty. By seeing their work ethic, their interaction with the students and the accent they place on continuous learning and development, I felt like Accenture would be a great place to work and discover myself, so I decided to join their team.

My day starts with a cup of coffee and by setting a homey atmosphere for my activity (lots of water on my desk and some cookies, of course). My day to day work is centered around our clients – we are process insurance claims, managing complex data and keeping the client informed on a need basis.

During my breaks, me and my colleagues either stay in one of the relaxation spaces or we take a walk through the business park, which helps me ease my mind. Outside the work schedule we also spend our time together enjoying company parties and team outings. It is important to work with people with whom you share the same values and passions, who motivate you and with whom you can exchange life advice with. Working at Accenture won me some friends for life.

I must admit, being a working student is a little bit difficult at times, but not impossible. I feel satisfied, productive and proud of myself for being able to manage working, studying and having a private life. Here are my key steps for reaching the balance:

  1. Make school a priority, talk with your Career Counselor and add it to your career development plan;
  2. Discuss with your teachers and select the classes which are mandatory to attend;
  3. When your school and work schedule overlap, sit with your team and manager and plan your schedule together;
  4. Make sure to include time to relax and disconnect to rest your mind.

Working made me more responsible and more organized with my time, which helped me in my studying process. I am grateful to be in a team that understands my need for education and supports me along the way.

I know how important it is having real work experience for your future, so working while being a student can really be an advantage. I recommend you have patience in order to reach the career goal which you dream of and choose an opportunity that allows you to develop, improve your abilities and grow at a fast pace.

If you are reading my message and thinking to start your career, but you are afraid to take the leap, remember that the key to good balance lies in how you organize your time. From my experience this is achievable, and, for me, Accenture made it easier to manage working and studying, as it provides a good work environment for students and focuses on supporting their education.





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